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We offer full-time (five day) and part-time (three day and two day) care. Tuition is charged in advance on a monthly basis and is due on the 10th day of every month.


UDCC recommends that parents begin to gradually transition their children into the facility.  We have discovered that a 3-day period works best. Please refer to your Transition Schedule for appropriate arrival times.  A parent or guardian who  the child is familiar with will need to attend school with the child on each transition day.  Over the three-day period the child will stay longer each day and the parent or guardian will spend more and more time outside of the classroom.  We want your child’s experience to be positive.  Parents are encouraged to work with the child’s teacher and the Director to make a smooth transition.  Some children will need more or less transition time – we will adjust to their needs accordingly.


During initial transitions into the childcare center, children can often be confused or upset by visits, especially when the parents leave.  The staff is aware of the special needs these children have at this time and will help to provide reassurance to the children.  Once a child has adjusted to the routines at UDCC and having their parents leave for work, visits by the parents can become a great experience.


You can download and print our Waitlist Application