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At University District Children’s Center, we ascribe to four main curriculum philosophies, drawing important core insights from each, to produce what we feel to be, a relevant, useful, effective and inclusive approach to early childhood education that speaks to today’s young child. We follow the Reggio Emilia approach in its attention to the environment as a child’s “third” teacher (after the family, then the instructor) and its use of project-based learning, create emergent curriculum frameworks in which topics, activities and learning objectives are derived from observation of the children’s play and work samples, continually assess developmental progress using the Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines ( as a record of abilities and reference point for future planning, and creating a learning environment that is inherently anti-bias, by adhering to the 4 goals of anti-bias education. Below you will find more information about each of the 4 main components of our school curriculum. You can find outside links to references pertaining to these components in our “Resources” page.